Wireless LAN Information
Kitagami Hotel
Please enjoy our Easy, Broadband, Free-of-charge Wireless LAN Internet Access Service!!

>>Wireless LAN Coverage Area<<
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Access Point image The entire building of the hotel.
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>>For using our Wireless LAN service<<
  • Please bring your laptop with a "Wi-Fi" (IEEE 802.11b) compliant wireless LAN card or with built-in wireless LAN.
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  • Set "hotwire" for ESS-ID of access point, and you will be able to connect to our Access Point.
  • For connecting the internet, the DHCP server of the hotel transforms the necessary information to your PC through the wireless LAN. Set "automatically acquire IP address and DNS server address" for TCP/IP protocol for the wireless LAN.
<Please Note>
  1. We do not have any PCs for rent.
  2. We provide no customer supporting services for usage of the wireless LAN and its equipment.
  3. We cannot be responsible for any troubles caused by your usage of the service. Please assume responsibility for your own acts on the internet.
  4. Other users can access to your PC while you are connecting to the wireless LAN. Please be aware of that especially if you set "share drivers or folders".
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